Website Tutorials

Having some issues?

Growers Supply Co. is here to help! The website has recently been completely redesigned and as a result of some grower feedback, the company is creating some website tutorial videos to assist you while navigating the website. As these are created, they will be loaded onto this page. Make sure you visit this page often, to view the updated tutorials.

For website support or support with the new ordering process, please contact us via:

email: (we will aim to respond within 2 hours) 

Phone: 1-(250) 498-7322.

Important note: Please do not email order queries to the website support email address. Please click here to visit the page with all ordering details and contact email addresses.

Have any requests?

Feel free to let us know what you may be having issues with and we will include the particular topic in the videos.

Full Video Library

As a video is created, it will be added to the library below. Click on the video to watch it.

Video 1: How to log into your account
Video 2: The three types of account options
Video 3: Cash Account Applications
Video 4: Charge Account Applications
Video 5: Automatic Payment Account Applications
Video 6: Looking up Statements and Invoices