Virtual Horticulture Updates and Presentations

This year, everything has looked a little different and our annual horticulture shows do too. Due to Covid-19, these events cannot take place as a live event this year, yet Growers Supply Co. wants to ensure that you are not missing out on any of the important information that is shared with you. On this page, you will find all the information that you would have received at these events and as a bonus, we will leave the videos on our YouTube page so you’re able to go back and rediscover it in the future.

This page will be updated, so check back in often.

Growers Supply Co.’s New YouTube Channel

Growers Supply Co. believes that an informed grower is a successful grower and for this reason, we have decided to create a YouTube channel on which information can be shared.

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Industry Informational Videos

Click any video below, to watch it. These videos are on our YouTube channel for future reference.

This video shows root development from seed using Acadian Seaweed.
This video shows drought stress relief when using Acadian Seaweed.
This video shows biodegradable mulch film on vegetables.
This video shows biodegradable mulch film on hemp.
This video shows biodegradable mulch film on cantaloupe.
This video shows root development using Acadian Seaweed.
This video shows a new fungicide, Miravis Duo Prime.
This video shows a PMRA recent pesticides re-evaluation.
This video shows the viewer a demonstration of how lettuce will grow better in saline soils treated with Acadian Seaweed than lettuce in a saline soil treated without Acadian Seaweed.
This video discusses apple scab and different product options to make sure you are protected.
This video shows Oblique Branded Leafroller.
This video discusses Wooly Apple Aphid on apple trees.

Tree Fruit Information Sheets

Wolly apple aphids and Closer Insecticide Information Sheet

Corteva Wooly Apple Aphid Information Sheet

Corteva Apple Scab Information Sheet

Corteva Oblique Branded Leafroller Information Sheet

Other Important Information

DAS User Accounts and BC DAS System

Click here or click on each heading below, for information on:

  1. How to create a DAS User account
  2. How to use the BC DAS System