Understand the condition of your soil.

The proper use of nutrients is one of the most important inputs of a successful crop.

Understanding the condition of your soil is valuable, and being able to accurately balance the soil for optimum growth conditions is crucial to crop success. Growers Supply Co. offers the testing of soil, tissue and compost samples, conducted by A&L Canada Laboratories Ltd.

Available services.

  • Soil Submission
  • Plant Tissue Submission
  • Feed Submission
  • Agricultural Water Submission
  • Soil Health Submission
  • Plant Disease Diagnostics Submission
  • Compost/CQA

Analyzing your soil report.

Once your sample has been tested, a report will be produced and sent to Growers Supply Co. This report will be interpreted, analyzed and understood so that nutrients can be recommended by our team of experts. These recommended nutrients will help you obtain soil characteristics for optimum growing conditions. This process usually takes between 7-10 business days.

Start your testing process today.

For a reminder on how to collect your soil samples as well as other helpful information, please watch this video created by A&L Canada Laboratories Ltd. here.

For more information and to get started with your samples, please reach out to the Growers Support Team.