Packaging that is specific to a
grower’s needs.

At Growers Supply Co. we offer a full range of packaging to help meet your product’s unique requirements, from farm to market.

Generic and custom packaging

Full line of corrugated packaging specifically designed for the fruit and vegetable market.

  • Stock printed boxes
  • Partially customized – add your name and address to a stock printed box.
  • Custom printed box – have your logo printed on the box, simply ask us how!

Protective packaging, bags and more

Soaker pads, Foam pads, Jiffy pads, Pouch bags, Roll bags, Strapping, Clamshells, Pulp trays, Liner bags, Apple bags, Angleboard, Stretch wrap are all available to round out your packaging needs.

Get started today.

For more information and to ask specific questions regarding your project, please reach out today. Currently, the custom design projects can take up to around 4 weeks.

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