Funding your farming passion.

Growers Supply Co. offers credit services to assist farm and business owners in the funding of their crop inputs and other farming supplies.

Continuing to provide tailored advice.

Since 1937, we have been providing advice and helping growers successfully manage their projects. We continue to support our growers, so they can make informed decisions about crop inputs. Using the incorrect product, in incorrect quantities can damage your crop and lead to costly mistakes. Let us help you avoid this.

Exclusive benefits for account holders.

  • Receive your information in a timely manner
  • Access to a comprehensive list of “cost per acre” for crop protection products
  • Ability to pre-order your products before coming to any store, saving you valuable time
  • Remain up-to-date regarding company changes, news and product updates
  • Access, as requested, to past statements for tax purposes
  • Assistance with determining your future needs
  • Tailored advice, at your request, regarding technical information for your particular business

You are now able to take advantage of our pre-ordering process, allowing you to pre-order your supplies before collecting them at a preferred Growers Supply Co. store.

Farm Credit Canada (FCC)

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) is an input financing option. Growers Supply Co. works directly with them to ensure that our customers can purchase the products they need to continue their farming operations. FCC Input Financing is a simple and flexible way to free up your cash flow. You have 12 months to purchase fuel, fertilizer, and crop protection and up to 18 months to pay.

Apply here:

Three types of available accounts.

Cash Account

A cash account allows you to visit any Growers Supply Co. location and purchase directly from the store. A Cash Account’s balance must always be paid, in full, upon the collection of your order.


To apply for a Cash Account complete the form below, relevant to your needs:

Charge Account

To start this application process, Growers Supply Co. will require four business or trade references and banking information. We will then do a full credit check and contact the given references. Once approved, the account holder will be able to pre-order and buy agricultural supplies as needed and charge the account. The account must be paid, in full, within 30 days. Account holders are now able to pay their accounts via online banking accounts or banking applications, saving valuable time.


To apply for a Charge Account click on the form below, relevant to your needs:


Please also complete the following credit application form and submit it with account application from above:

Credit Application

Automatic Payment Account

Once approved, the account holder will automatically be granted up to $5,000 in credit. For a larger credit limit, the same process as listed under, “charge account,” would be followed. The account holder will be eligible to use this credit throughout the month to charge Growers Supply Co. products. On the 10th of each month, unless this falls over a weekend or statutory holiday, the account payment will be automatically processed, in full, via credit card for the previous month’s spending.


To apply for an Automatic Payment Account, please ensure that you have applied for one of the two accounts that we offer:

Cash Account Application or
Charge Account Application

Please also complete the following credit card authorization form and submit it with the account application form above:

Credit Card Authorization

We’re here to help.

For further questions or to get your account application started:

Email, or phone 250-765-4500 ext. 88202.

For account terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, eligibility and payment options, view our FAQs.