We’re proud to be the leading supplier of nutrients in the Okanagan Valley and Kootenay region. We have nutrients for every type of grower and for every type of crop. Simply let us know what you’re looking for!

Understanding your nutrient needs can be done in 4 easy steps and our dedicated team is with you each step of the way:

Step 1: Consult one of our Agrologists. Their contact information can be found here.

Step 2: Work with our teams to take a soil and tissue analysis. Understanding your soil and it’s deficits is the a crucial step in the process. Our team will help you with tests and timing and making sure they’re done as regularly as needed.

Step 3: We’ll work with you to set up a specialised consultation where we will address the results and findings in your soil and tissue analysis and make recommendations as needed.

Step 4: We’ll help you select the correct products for your needs and with application timings and rates.

Our fertilizer list for the 2023 growing season can be found by clicking here.

Granular Fertilizers

Growers Supply Co. carries pre-designed blends for Okanagan soil types. We can also do custom blends. Some blends use the Yara PROCOTE technology which adheres the micro-nutrients onto every prill in the blend. SN slow release technology is also utilized in some blends.

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Liquid Fertilizers

Liquids can be ordered as simples, or custom blends can be made to suit your soil’s needs. Foliar liquids are also available.

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Simples & Soil Amendments

All major blending ingredients and simples are available through Growers Supply Co. along with several soil amendments such as acidifiers, lime and other additives.

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Water-soluble Fertilizers

Growers Supply Co. carries the Plant Prod line of water soluble fertilizers, plus many other simples and blends.

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Local Expertise

Growers Supply Co. is your local supplier, with five locations in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Oliver and Creston. We have decades of knowledge and expertise to help you find what you need.

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