When designing an orchard or vineyard, the correct tools and supplies are essential to crop success. With decades of experience, Growers Supply Co. has the industry knowledge and expertise to help you with products for any type of row crop, tree fruit or grape growing endeavour.

Because our network across the Okanagan is larger than any of our competitors, you can choose from a larger variety of farm and hardware products.

Our Products

Besides offering a wide range of Mulch Film and Crop Covers, Growers Supply Co. is a leading supplier of Rain-Flo mulch layer equipment in the Pacific Northwest.

You’ll find we have a wide selection of Rain-Flo mulch laying equipment, including raised and flatbed layers, transplanters, lifters and drip applicators. Rain-Flo’s equipment includes Ro-Trak Technology, which electronically senses when the tractor slides sideways and hydraulically makes adjustments to minimize the machine’s drifting. You will also find drip applicators and three-row machines available on request.

Rain-Flo has introduced Hemp Buckers to their lineup, which features a full variable frequency drive to allow you to control the process with ease.

You can also find embossed plastic mulch at Growers Supply Co. If you’re looking for another option to suit your specific growing needs such as silver, green or red plastic mulch, then look no further. FilmOrganic SolaFilm is 100% biodegradable mulch, which starts to break down in four months. Towards the end of your growing season, it will mostly degrade and will act as a natural fertilizer.

Baler Twine

Growers Supply Co. offers baler twine for tying or baling.

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Farm Tools

We offer a wide selection of hand-tying and grafting tools.

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Insect Monitoring

Pick up your lures and traps for pest monitoring.

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Growers Supply Co. stocks Falcon aluminum tripod orchard ladders, from 6’ to 16’.

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Miscellaneous Farm and Orchard Supplies

From tree marking to scales to refractometers, Growers Supply Co. sells a wide variety of extras throughout the growing season to cover your needs.

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Mulch Films & Crop Covers

We offer a wide selection of plastic mulch film for ground crops, reflective films for crop ripening, and crop covers for insect and frost protection.

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Picking Equipment

Choose from our extensive selection and supply of fruit picking bags, buckets and accessories

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Rain-Flo Mulch Layers

Rain-Flo Mulch layers are an efficient, time-saving way to lay plastic mulch films.

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Tying & Training Supplies

At Growers Supply Co., you’ll find a wide range of tying and grafting supplies. From sealing and grafting compounds to clips and tape, we have it all.

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Local Expertise

Growers Supply Co. is your local supplier, with five locations in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Oliver and Creston. We have decades of knowledge and expertise to help you find what you need.

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