New Agriculture Equipment Available!

We’re happy to offer some new revolutionary farm and orchard equipment in all of our stores and pleased to be the exclusive Okanagan dealer for both the Revo Piuma 4WD and Moretto Officine Meccaniche (MOM)!


Revo Piuma 4WD


This new harvesting machine is small, compact, stable and quiet and is considered a true revolution among fruit harvesters. Thanks to the exceptionally gentle handling of the fruit, the new apple transportation system ensures their quality all the way to the bin.


How does it work?

The conveyor belts placed on the extremities of the harvester convey fruit to the main belt, which collects and seamlessly conveys them into the bin. PIUMA 4WD moves the fruit faster, more gently and even more efficiently than any competitor in the market today. The fruit is gently placed into the bin with just one simple belt exchange. The automatic self-levelling system guarantees the same harvesting quality even in hilly terrains. Combined with our unique platform extension, PIUMA 4WD delivers the perfect harvesting tool. On sloped terrain the independent platforms allow the operators to work on both sides of the row, regardless of the difference in height.


Why Revo Puima 4D?

PIUMA 4WD reduces picking time, labour costs and guarantees excellent results in a labour shortage market. With only 4 workers, 40 to 60 bins are harvested in an 8 hour work day, using this machine. Regularly, 10 to 16 bins are harvested in an 8 hour working day, with 4 workers using manual equipment. After harvest it is easy to uninstall the harvesting module, transforming it into the perfect partner for all your orchard’s requirements such as pruning, thinning, opening and closing hailnets.

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Moretto Officine Meccaniche (MOM)


The MOM machine is designed to undermine and collect the nylon sheets at the end of the vegetable growing season as well as for the collection of plastic sheets from greenhouses and across the field. An average harvest of 8/10 hectares per day is estimated, saving you valuable time. The winding nylon machine can be easily adapted, depending on your crops and particular needs. The rotation of the winder is carried out by means of a hydraulic motor with rotation speed control. The unloading of the collected material is carried out by activating a hydraulic piston. The large guide roller facilitates the collection of the material, favoring the cleaning (elimination of water and residues present on the nylon) of the plastic sheets. These machines are designed and manufactured to adapt to the most particular needs of the modern day farmer. They are manufactured with ethical and responsible agriculture in mind, with low impact on the environment.


How does it work?

1.The extraction of the nylon takes place by means of two stripping plowshares placed in a horizontal position which from underground raise the cloth detaching it from the ground
2.To facilitate detachment, the cutting discs divide the nylon into two parts, which makes collection much easier
3.The machine then follows a winder that collects the nylon. The rotor has an adjustable speed and ends with the discharge of the material (by means of hydraulic opening). The working depth (of the extraction) is regulated by two support wheels mounted on the frame. The height can be easily modified by the operator

It is possible to equip the winder with a control platform for an operator.

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Rain-Flo Equipment

We’re proud to be a leading supplier of Rain-Flo mulch layer equipment in the Pacific Northwest.

You’ll find we have a wide selection of Rain-Flo mulch laying equipment, including:

  • Transplanters (Models 1270 and 1670)
  • Mulch Machines (Models 2370,2470,2570 and 2670)
  • Mulch Lifters (1800A)

Rain-Flo’s equipment includes Ro-Trak Technology, which electronically senses when the tractor slides sideways and hydraulically makes adjustments to minimize the machine’s drifting. You will also find drip applicators and three-row machines available on request.


Finning Cat® Equipment


In an expanded offering to our growers – we are now working in partnership with Finning to bring Cat equipment to the vineyards and orchards that we serve.

So how exactly does this work?

Effective immediately, any Growers Supply Co. account holder who is looking to purchase a skid steer, compact track loader, mini excavator or wheel loader should speak with a in-store representatives who will submit a referral form on your behalf and connect you with a representative from Finning.  Everyone of our account holders who purchases a Cat machine, using this referral process, will receive up to $250 credit off their Growers Supply Co. account.

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