What’s New at Grower Supply Co.?

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­­­Growers Supply is committed to providing excellent customer service and product support.

After reviewing feedback from a recent customer survey, it became apparent to Growers Supply that there is a demand for an online ordering process and catalogue. To this end, the Growers Supply team has been working hard to make this happen.

This is what you can expect:

Brand New Website

We commissioned a local, talented digital marketing company to help us develop and build an easy-to-navigate site that provides information on products and services.

Invaluable Support

Change is always exciting, yet we know that this can be slightly overwhelming. Growers Supply has therefore created a support team to assist with the new website and ordering process. If you are having an issue, please view our FAQs section on the website to see if we address your question on the new changes. If we are unable to answer your question from our FAQs page, please call (250) 498-7322 or email websitesupport@growerssupplybc.com and we will aim to get back to you within two hours.

New Login Portal with Online Pre-Ordering

This feature allows you to pre-order your products online before pickup at the store. This process will save you valuable time.

screenshot of the new growers supply website

Online Statements and Ordering History

Growers Supply will no longer be supplying paper statements (“yellows”) and order history. Instead, all account holders can access their monthly statements and order history through the online customer login portal.

FAQ’s On the New Changes

The Growers Supply team has put together an extensive list of FAQ’s that will assist you with the new processes. To view these, click here. Below, however, we have highlighted some of the FAQ’s that may be beneficial to you.

How has the website changed from the previous Growers Supply Website?

The new website is easier to use and navigate. Growers Supply account holders are now able to browse a full selection of the products available in our stores. You are able to pre-order your products before you visit the store for faster pickup. For a detailed explanation on the new ordering process, click here.

Website Support

What do I do if I am having some issues navigating the new website and I need some help?

We are here to help! Call us at (250) 498-7322 or send an email to websitesupport@growerssupplybc.com and we will get back to you within two hours.

The New Ordering Process

Growers Supply and its team have worked hard to ensure that we streamline the entire ordering process, saving you as much of your valuable time as possible while at the store.

How has the ordering process recently changed?

You can now pre-order your products online to save you time and help you avoid waiting times at the store. For information on how to place your order, click here.

What are the advantages of these changes?

You are now able to reserve your products online before visiting your preferred Growers Supply store. This process has been created to streamline the ordering process and make it easier to order. You will not need to wait on the phone or at the store for your products to be picked, even during the busiest times of the year.

How do I “place my order” and reserve my products at my preferred Growers Supply Store?

To be able to reserve your products online you need to have an account with Growers Supply. For more information on our accounts and how to become an account holder, click here.

Once you are an account holder you will have a customer number, login username and password created for you. You will then be able to log in to your account through the e-SAMCO section of our website, browse our available products and add them to your cart. Once you have added all of your desired products to your cart and reserved your items at your preferred Growers Supply store, you will be notified when your order is ready. On arrival at the store, you will be required to sign for your products at the counter before we load your vehicle.

How do I choose my preferred Growers Supply store, so I am able to choose where to have my products reserved?

When you log into your customer login portal on the e-SAMCO section of our new website, you will be asked to choose your preferred store. This is the store where your products will be prepared and reserved.

Can I pay for my products online at the time of ordering?

We are not offering online payment at this time. On arrival at the store you will be required to visit the Account Holders counter and sign for your goods before we load your vehicle.

Can I still buy my products in store?

Yes, you can still visit one of our five Growers Supply locations and buy your products in store. We have, however created these alternative ordering methods to save you valuable time so it is recommended that you make use of these new methods when possible.

If I pre-order online, how long does it take until my order is ready?

If you place your order before 2pm, it will be guaranteed to be processed on the same day. If you place your order after 2pm, it may be processed on the following business day.

How do I obtain my products if I do not have an account with Growers Supply?

Customers without an account will have to visit one of our five Growers Supply stores to select and pay for their products.

The New Customer Login Portal

How will I receive my online login information?

You will be automatically set up with a username and temporary password. This will be sent to you via email, so please make sure Growers Supply has your updated email address. Upon receipt of your temporary password, please log into your account and change your password.

If you do not receive a customer login number and temporary password, please email ar@growerssupplybc.com.

How do I access my monthly statements going forward?

You will receive your statement via email, to the email address we have stored on file for you. You will also have the option to view monthly statements online by signing into the website and into your customer login portal.

Will I still receive a paper copy (yellow copy) of my statements at the end of the month in the mail?

No, Growers Supply has gone digital and will no longer be printing multi-copy invoices at the counter.

Please ensure that Growers Supply has your updated email address and keep checking the website often for any updates. Growers Supply will not use your email address for constant marketing mail-outs, yet will use this email address to send you important store updates and any information regarding your online account. Your “order is ready” email will also be sent to the email address we have on file, so again please make sure your email on file is up to date. To update your email, please send an email to ar@growerssupplybc.com

Will I still receive a paper copy of my invoice (white copy), when I collect my pre-reserved products in store or when I buy products directly from the store?

Yes, when you collect your pre-reserved products, or when you buy your products directly from the store, you will still receive a physical paper copy of the invoice after signing.

What if I do not have access to a computer and cannot receive my statements through the online customer login portal?

Growers Supply can still, in special circumstances, send you a paper copy of your monthly invoice. Please assist us in reducing paper waste by accessing your statements through the online customer login portal where possible.

What should I do if I do not see a signed copy of one of my invoices online?

Please reach out to Accounts Receivable department at ar@growerssupplybc.com.com and we will assist you.