Acadian Plant Health Seaweed: The product, benefits and how its use benefits wine grapes

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In today’s world, choice is something we are faced with on a daily basis. Product choice is even more vast, as we find ourselves immersed in an often-saturated market. Growers Supply Co. aims to provide its growers with information and resources, partnering with each grower to ensure crop success. In this blog post, the company aims to discuss a highly recommended product range, from Acadian Plant Health.  We’ll share some behind the scenes information about the product and its benefits for wine grapes.

What is Stella Maris®  liquid seaweed extract? What it is used for and what are the benefits?

Stella Maris liquid seaweed concentrate is produced by Acadian Plant Health. Derived exclusively from the marine plant Ascophyllum Nodosum, it is produced using leading edge technologies that extract, preserve and create bioactive components of this seaweed extract. The compounds extracted from this specific marine plant offer tremendous benefit to land-based commercial agricultural crops of all sorts.

The Stella Maris brand offers one of the purest forms of Ascophyllum Nodosum extract on the market.  It is ready to be used in tank mixes or nutritional blends for sprays or drip programs. Superior blending properties allow it to mix well with other ingredients and often serves to support the efficacy of multiple-product programs while optimizing nutrient use efficiency.

Stella Maris is a biostimulant that can be applied throughout the season and is proven to increase fruit quality, yield, root growth, early plant development and aid the plant in stress resistance and recovery.

Specific benefits on wine grapes, for example, include:

  • Improves root growth and establishment
  • Promotes abiotic stress tolerance
  • Increases overall plant nutrition and yield
  • Improves wine colour and quality attributes

Grapevines and climate change:

Global warming is, unfortunately, an issue that is prevalent in many industries today. The evolution of grapevines is heavily affected by global warming; affecting its bud burst, flowering, inflorescence development and harvest. The consequences will sadly be experienced for many years. Some of the changes being seen are:

  • Increased sugar level and alcohol degree
  • Fruit dryness; decreasing yield, limiting photosynthesis and blocking ripening
  • Extreme weather conditions; storm, hail and huge rainfall risking the development of pathogens such as mildew and grey rot

So how can Stella Maris help?

Ascophyllum Nodosum, the seaweed species used in Stella Maris, is among the most researched seaweed species for agricultural use. It grows in intertidal zones and is one of the few plants capable of thriving in freezing waters and baking in dry heat during an average day as Atlantic tides rise and fall.  The genetic makeup that allows this plant to thrive are just a few of the properties that the extract transfers to agricultural crops in less extreme but equally punishing conditions.  Stella Maris is proven to improve crop stress tolerance in the field. 

How is this product being harvested for sustainability?

Acadian Plant Heath has a deep respect for the planet and protecting its resources.  A team of full-time staff members carefully monitor the kelp beds and harvest using only sustainable practices to protect the marine environment that grows this special seaweed species. The company works with small-boat harvesting crews and directs highly specialized harvesting methods, equipment, rates, timings and locations to ensure the long-term health of ecosystems in the intertidal zones where Ascophyllum Nodosum grows.

Growers Supply Co. carries two different Acadian Seaweed products; Stella Maris and Organic Stella Maris and now that we’ve touched on the basics of this range, feel free to browse the products here

Need more help or advice on how to include Stella Maris in your fertility or vine health program? Reach out to an expert here.